Speed Assist

The new Speed Assist on the innovative KNECHT control panels

The Speed Assist is a helpful option on the newly developed control panels on KNECHT lifting platforms and harvesting machines. It ensures a controlled driving speed and brings a number of advantages, especially when working on hail nets. The operator can stand on the platform, individually open and close hail nets and the KNECHT drives the required speed.

A concrete case example:

Hail net work is carried out with the KNECHT; the operator stays mainly on the front part of the working platform. But now something is stuck, cannot be done in just one step and you are lagging behind the original working rhythm. Automatically you go back one or two steps to gain more time and carry out the work. The sensors of the Speed Assistant detect this and automatically slow down the KNECHT. This gives you time to do the work you are lagging behind. As soon as you are back in your normal rhythm or faster again and on the front part of the stage, the KNECHTincreases its speed again. Annoying, manual stopping, slowing down etc. are therefore completely eliminated. The desired driving speed can be set as desired on the new, clearly arranged control panel of the Speed Assistant.

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