Always ready for action: The KNECHT DIESEL motor 

The tireless and reliable fuel drive for your harvester 

All advantages at a glance:


  • The unique KNECHT DIESEL motor can be installed on all KNECHT models
  • Can be retrofitted to all KNECHT models from year of manufacture 2001
  • Very low consumption, thanks to constant and controlled rpm
  • Low engine rpm even at high speed
  • Low noise level, thanks to reduced engine rpm
  • DIESEL- engine with direct injection, good cold start, no soot formation at low rpm
  • Sound insulated engine compartment
  • Best accessibility for maintenance work, oil and filter change
  • In the event of a defect, the DIESEL motor can be replaced with a replacement motor in a very short time
  • The complete KNECHT lifting platform and harvesting machine can also be operated with the DIESEL engine switched off
  • The KNECHT DIESEL motor provides useful power (230V 3000W) for charging other battery operated machines and devices, for example during harvesting
  • Full battery - DIESEL - drive (optional)
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Reliability
  • Wise investment