Powerful and compact wheel drive 

The ideal drive wheel for the plain up to steep slopes

Powerful and compact wheel drive for all applications from even to sloping terrain, garage ramps, slopes, steps, sidewalks, etc. The relatively large wheel diameter and the optimum profile allow safe progress on poor, gravelly, stony and loose ground. The tires are made of solid rubber and thus guarantee a constant work.

The wheel drive is designed and constructed in such a way that only the supply current from the battery and the control cable need to be connected. The sophisticated system monitors any possible overload and automatically adjusts itself back or switches off in case of excess temperature. The proven modular system allows a combination of 2, 3 or 4 wheel drive with controlled and monitored traction control and the calculation of the respective curve radius of the individual wheels on the vehicle (optional steering system LKS16.1D53).

Drive mode:

infinitely variable and regulated speed, or velocity;


Electric negative brake, closes automatically as soon as the wheel stops, the EMERGENCY STOP button is pressed or the wheel drive is currentless.

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