Then as today...

The entrepreneurs Bernhard and Martin Pfattner look back

1996 - All beginnings are hard. >

A strong team from Lana, with the two brothers Bernhard and Martin Pfattner on the front, start with the development of a self-propelled lift. At this time there are only a few aids of this kind available, which makes the farmer's work easier all year round. The young men's requirements for the planned vehicle are clearly defined: high quality, suitable for work, efficient, time and profit-optimising. The developers' first diesel-powered harvesting machine is created and given the name "KNECHT 4". The foundation stone for the coming years is laid.

1999- Quality and environment

Through close cooperation with a friendly farmer from Völlan, the team has the opportunity to test the developed machine directly in the planned area of application. The novelty is quickly discussed and the young men become well known in South Tyrol. There is great interest and curiosity. The demand for a battery-powered lift is increasing and the motivated team is working on the new project - with success! In the same year, the electrically operated KNECHT Öko is developed and from the very beginning, the harvesting and all-purpose machine is economical, ecological and sustainable.

2000 - The passion becomes a profession

A short time later Bernhard and Martin decide to found the company "BerMarTEC" and the first lifting platforms and harvesting machines KNECHT are sold under the name BerMarTEC. In the same year, Martin's wife Gerlinde becomes the first employee of the small company. One year later Bernhard's wife Manuela expands the young team.

The brothers have cleared the first big hurdle and from now on they belong to South Tyrol's entrepreneurs!

2004 - The KNECHT quality lifting platform is inspiring

Bernhard and Martin are on course for success; at the beginning of the year a second company, KNECHT GmbH, is founded. From now on, this company will take care of the sale, repair and rental of lifting platforms and harvesting machines.

2006 - The long-awaited spatial magnification

After careful consideration, the Pfattner brothers decide to fulfill their wish of having their own company building. In 2004 the construction starts in the industrial zone Lana and in January 2006 Bernhard and Martin and their team move to the newly built property. Finally there is enough space for the realization of their creative and technical ideas!

2011- The Jubilee KNECHT

The following years are very successful for Bernhard and Martin; their KNECHT lifting and harvesting machine becomes well known and popular and due to their many years of experience and their penchant for perfection, they are able to make constant improvements and optimizations to the harvesting machines and lifting platforms. In 2011 the thousandth KNECHT will leave the small South Tyrolean company; a very special moment for the two entrepreneurs!

2015- A new section begins

The BerMarTEC product range will be expanded in 2015. In addition to the "KNECHT" lifts and harvesters,  from now on further electric drives and electric vehicles will be developed, and existing vehicles and special vehicles will be converted into electric and/or hybrid vehicles. In this way, the company offers continuous improvements and technical advances in the agricultural sector for existing and new customers and contributes to the electrification of everyday life through the newly developed vehicles. MOVELECTRIC is founded and from now on is responsible for the sale, distribution and rental of electric and hybrid vehicles. Martin's daughter Kathrin takes care of the new products and projects of MOVELECTRIC. In November 2015 the novelty e-transporter PUGGLER is presented at the Bolzano fair AGRIALP. The electrically operated transport trolley is the first product of the MOVELECTRIC series. With great ambition and pioneering spirit the brothers Bernhard and Martin with their 24 dedicated employees are heading towards the future and face a new technical challenge on the still unknown market of electric mobility!

2016 - "Hybrid E" - The first hybrid car from South Tyrol

After an intensive development and planning period, the first hybrid car converted by BerMarTEC is presented in May 2016 at the Safety Park Bolzano. The conventional Fiat 500x 4x4 with combustion engine will be equipped with electric motors developed by BerMarTEC and converted into a hybrid car by the South Tyrolean company. With their "Hybrid E", the know-how and innovative spirit of brothers Bernhard and Martin and their highly qualified team offer an exceptional solution for the Alpine region! The first official step of the South Tyroleans towards electric and hybrid vehicles has been taken! The entrepreneurs were also accompanied by a film team on this exciting journey: The Auto Motor Magazin team around Lorenz Gluderer shot a programme with the brothers from Lana and had some small talk with them to find out how it all began 20 years ago and what visions and goals Bernhard and Martin Pfattner are striving for and pursuing together with their team.

2017 - 20 years KNECHT: a reason to celebrate!

On the occasion of the Agrialp 2017 fair, the anniversary model "KNECHT Gold Edition" will be presented in a new design. The KNECHT models L10, H40 and H50 are available in gold / black optics and offer technical innovations, such as the battery pack with LiFePo4 cells with its up to 3 times battery capacity and optimizations in the control system for improved user-friendliness and error diagnosis. As always, all functions are available in the traditional modular system and can be retrofitted to previous models of the pro series. One year later the KNECHT E-TRAC will be presented at the Interpoma trade fair. The self-propelled KNECHT substructure is used to pull harvesting trains.

Martin's son Mathias extends the team and is active in the development area.

2019 - New machine standard DIN EN 16952:2018

From 2019 onwards, KNECHT models will be delivered according to the new standard DIN EN 16952:2018 and are therefore again up to date. Tested were extreme situations, far beyond the limits of the normal range! And the KNECHT, withstands everything. Safety is a top priority at BerMarTEC - and that is precisely why any suggestions for improvement and legislation are always implemented in the best possible way! From now on, the new models will bear the names KNECHT L15, KNECHT H45, KNECHT H55.

2020 - KNECHT 4.0

In addition to numerous innovative options such as Speed Assistant, new control panel, remote maintenance etc., the KNECHT lifting platform and harvesting machine will be equipped with 4.0 standard from 2020. The certified KNECHT lifts and harvesters offer to the farmer the complete monitoring system and currently allow a tax advantage of up to 20% (current status 2023, Italy). The new KNECHT lifts and harvesters can be purchased with the "4.0 - Optional". This optional is an additional module on the platform which collects numerous data and forwards them via a cloud system to the customer's end device. By means of personalized access data for our user platform, which the customer receives from us, he can call up and view the collected data at any time as well as make settings and always whole productivity overview of his KNECHT machine.


2022 - 25 years KNECHT

25 years KNECHT - Our success story made in South Tyrol

In 1997, the first KNECHT is presented and introduced. 25 years later, we can look back on an exciting time. On the occasion of this special company anniversary, we have produced a video in which our company founders Bernhard and Martin look back on the past years together with family members and long-time employees. Grateful for everything that has been, we look back on intense and exciting moments. With a lot of motivation and new creative ideas we are looking forward to the upcoming time and are excited where our journey will take us. Always with us, our team! In the meantime, around 35 hard-working employees belong to the BerMarTEC / KNECHT family!